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RS-232 Interfacing for Receiver Control

These pages contain useful information on RS-232 interfacing as used for computer driven receiver control. It is intended to explain the hardware and RS-232 command used to connect your PC to the leading receiver types. The Kenwood R-5000, Yaesu FRG-100, FRG-8800, FRG-9600, AOR AR-2500, AR-3000/AR-3000A, AR-3030, AR-2700, AR-8000, AR-8200, AR-5000, SDU-5000, SDU-5500, ARD-2 and the generic Icom standard are all covered.

Please note that (apart from the information present here) I cannot offer support to developers owing to pressure of time. These overviews are intended to give the software developer, or anyone interested in the technology, a flavour of the command formats and facilities available. Some data may be out of date as new models become available; not all of it is definitive. It is hard to keep up.

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